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2018 Rangatahi Wānanga, Mohaka River

Te Taitimu Trust & Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust

 2018 Rangatahi Wānanga, Mohaka River


Te Taitimu Trust has a vision to turn the tide of negative Māori health disparities by motivating rangatahi and whānau to navigate their respective waka towards realising positive notions of Whānau Ora. Te Taitimu Trust incorporates the philosophy of Sir Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha model of health and Te Taitimu’s guiding principles are to build resilience, connectedness, confidence and leadership into the delivery of all their activities. Te Taitimu Trust has found that the natural environment i.e. Tangaroa has proven a successful method to engage young people in wānanga, noho marae, weekend rangatahi workshops and/or trips along with conference presentations at local, regional and National events.

Whakapapa o te kaupapa

The Trust’s track history has involved the delivery over ten years of a range of quality programmes that prepare rangatahi for everyday life and to confront potential challenges and experiences that they will encounter as rangatahi growing into young adults. Suicide prevention has been the catalyst behind the establishment of the Trust and remains the key driver of all of the Trust’s wānanga based activities; short term and long term. A point of difference though of Te Taitimu Trust is that rather than being addressed from a deficit-based position, the reality of suicide and suicide prevention amongst rangatahi Māori and Pasifika is addressed through an organic kaupapa Māori strengths-based lens to health and wellbeing.

These programmes have been developed to nurture today’s rangatahi to become tomorrow’s rangatira through connecting with Tangaroa and Hinemoana, Kaitiaki (guardians) of the Sea. That is, Te Taitimu Trust aims to grow future rangatira through engaging with a significant whole of our natural environment in order that rangatahi go on to achieve, function and contribute successfully in both Te Ao Māori and the greater society. Through engagement with rangatahi, Te Taitimu Trust has also forged links with whānau who have been encouraged and invited to attend and participate in wānanga in order to assist in strengthening home and community relationships between whānau, their rangatahi and the wider community. This approach has also facilitated opportunities for whānau to access services that they might not normally engage with such as budgeting, education, parenting, health, environmental sustainability, water safety, fisheries and conservation for example, with the goal of nurturing self-reliant and self-sustainable whānau and communities. Te Taitimu Trust has a history of holding annual summer wānanga since 2007 in Ngāti Kahungunu as well as local noho marae and wānanga to implement its organisational vision and mission. Accordingly, in order to nurture rangatahi that achieve and contribute to their respective whānau, communities, hapū and society, Te Taitimu Trust aspires to turn the tide and motivate rangatahi to become our future rangatira.

Pahauweratanga me nga Tini a Tane, a Tangaroa

The awa tipua (Wai), ngahere (Tane) and moana (Tangaroa) will be our main connectors for the  workshops this year and will be held at Waiapa-a-Iwi Marae, Mohaka.  Under the guidance of Te Taitimu Trust the activities will be delivered in collaboration with Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust with the support of other partners i.e. NZ Police, Department of Conservation, Rafting Mohaka, Wairoa District Council, Fire Service, Todd and McKenzie Trust, Hawkes Bay DHB, Water Safety NZ, NZ Lotteries, Waka Hourua, Otago University, TPK, Unison, Nā Kilo Āina Kawaihae, Hawaii.  All these partners have contributed and continue to contribute in cash/ kind to ensure the wanaga is a success.

Engaging whānau, assisting tamariki, taiohi and rangatahi to learn leadership skills helping them progress, develop and grow from rangatahi into rangatira to become contributing citizens to their respective communities.  Outcomes Model is set to reflect Rangatahi having Resilience, Connectedness, Confidence and becoming tomorrows Leaders.  Henare (Zac) Makoare is the CEO for Te Taitimu Trust and is working with Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust (NPDT) develop their capacity and capability to undertake this type of Wananga on an annual basis.  Subject to the success, this Wananga will become a feature of the rangatahi development which targets 6-16 year old rangatahi to connect to their Pahauwera taonga and tikanga.

In 2018 there will be an estimated 70 tamariki and up to 50 support crew of kaiako/ mentors/ whanau/ staff to support this kaupapa.  This year the programme will be based on the Mohaka River and look to integrate unique Ngati Pahauwera cultural aspects of ngahere/ bush (rongoa, kaitiakitanga, pig hunting, survival) and moana/ beach (fishing, reti board, hangi stones and rakau) learnings.  The programme will be delivered at Waipapa a Iwi marae with one day at Wairoa community centre (Sunday), two days on the river (Monday & Wednesday), one day on the beach/ marae covering the bush learning activities (Tuesday).  The Wananga concludes on Thursday when all the rangatahi go home culminating in the recognition of rangatahi who have demonstrated leadership and mentoring.

Registration and tautoko

The selection process is very simple, those that want to be a part of the kaupapa and willing to participate, complete the registration form. There are limited placements available.

If you would like to be a mentor, or volunteer then contact Te Taitimu Trust below or the Wairoa Office of NPDT.

For Pāhauwera members, if the cost is considered a barrier in participating, then please complete the registration form and provide a covering letter explaining as such.

The cost is $150 for 5 days, registration forms will be available from, if not prior to 22 November 2017 and will close on 6 December 2017. Please send the registration form into either office and you will be provided with bank account details to pay the fees.

Te Taitimu Trust and Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust will organise final selection of tamariki and mokopuna for this 5 day camp at Mohaka, 2018.

There will be no late registrations accepted beyond these dates.

Additional information:
2018 Rangatahi Wānanga Registration Form


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