Kupu whakaatu o Kotemaori kura | Kotemaori School Notices

Te Kura o Kotemaori

Hello to the parents and caregivers,

Welcome to another school year, it is wonderful to see the children again.  Sadly, Ashton and Zavien have moved out of the area and will no longer be coming to Kotemaori School.  We will miss them and wish them well for the future.  On a positive note the McAnulty children have settled in well and are a delight to have in the class.  We are all starting to find our rhythm for the year.  In class we are still pushing the reading and writing, but are also having Massey University in to assist with Maths this term.  To facilitate the learning  in a multi level classroom can be tricky, but the children have shown to have made some good gains in working independently and quietly when asked to do so.  Mrs Gregory will be making her first visit on Monday to work with the children that benefit from some extra support around reading.

Could all the parents and caregivers please ensure that all the children have their personal headphones at school as soon as possible, as we will be continuing with our Lexia and Mathletics programmes.  Although the weather has been interesting and changeable, the tamariki are enjoying their swimming practice for the Cluster Swimming Sports on Friday 23rd February.  Please provide the children who will be competing with the necessary swimming equipment everyday 9i.e. caps, goggles, hair ties).

A few of the tamariki have colds, which is not surprising with the changes in the weather.  If they are unwell or have fever, we do ask that you keep them home.  It might be a good idea to provide the children with layers of clothing as we go from hot to cold, and from wet to dry.

We will be holding parent interviews on Wednesday 21st February, please book a time and do come and discuss your children’s learning journeys.

Simon Couling