Marae Atea wānanga Maungaharuru trip January 2017

Tangitū ki te moana
Maungaharuru ki uta
Mōhaka te awa
Ko Ngāti Pāhauwera te iwi


In January 2017, 40 Pāhauwera members travelled to Maungaharuru as part of the Marae Ātea wānanga, run out of Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiarangi. The programme provides tauira with a broad range of skills and knowledge to develop, support and participate in the rituals of the Marae Ātea within marae communities. All of our marae were represented. Some keen ones walked from the bottom to the top of Maungaharuru, while others were ferried by DOC’s 4WD vehicle. Toro and Charlie gave some korero on the area for returnees and those who had not been to the maunga. Thank you to DOC for taking the time to show the group around and teach us about the return of the Tītī (Cooks Petrel) and Kōrure (Kori / Mottled Petrel), we can see that a great deal of mahi has taken place. As part of their assessment for the wānanga, the group did a 20 strong karanga to the maunga, which was truly impressive to watch. Our thanks to the tutors Julie and Rongopai for their mahi which will benefit future Pāhauwera generations. On return back we stopped in at the DOC base for lunch and then some of the hardier of the whanau had a swim in Lake Opouahi before heading back to the marae to finish their assessments.

If you are interested in future wānanga, get in touch with your marae or the Pāhauwera office.


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    Looks brilliant.

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