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The Masters of Māori and Indigenous Leadership (MMIL) is launching in 2017 and we are recruiting our first cohort.

The MMIL is an applied, professional and flexible programme dedicated to supporting the advancement of Māori and Indigenous self-determination.  Graduates will gain knowledge, skills and networks that will enable them to lead change, innovation and transformation within communities and organisations.  This qualification is designed for people wanting to strengthen their ability to step into management and governance leadership roles with responsibilities for delivering on Māori aspirations within Iwi, Māori, government, community and private sector organisations. The programme is specifically designed for mid-career Māori and is open to students who may not have an undergraduate degree, but can demonstrate service to the Māori community.  The MMIL can be completed while in full time employment, from anywhere in New Zealand over an 18 month period.  For 2017, there are also a limited number of scholarships available.

The programme involves:

  • 10 monthly weekend wānanga to be held at marae that will involve deep work on  (1) leadership in the Māori sector that will develop strategic thinking, knowledge of functional management and personal leadership skills and (2) comparative Indigenous models and theories of development.  These wānanga will involve presentations from established leaders in the Māori sector;
  • Four week hīkoi to North America to connect with First Nations peoples and develop practical understanding of comparative Indigenous approaches to development and self-determination;
  • One elective paper that can be drawn from any discipline to enable students to gain depth in an existing area of expertise or broaden their expertise into a new field.  Notably, this elective paper can be completed at any tertiary provider in New Zealand, enabling those from outside the Canterbury region to complete this course at a convenient location and to select the content they consider most relevant to their future aspirations;
  • One practical project that will require students to design and implement an innovative initiative within their community or organisation. This project will synthesise the learning gained from across the programme as a whole; and
  • A research paper in an area relevant to the personal affinities of the student.

The MMIL is being delivered by the University of Canterbury, at Aotahi (The School of Māori and Indigenous Studies).  The programme is one of a suite of initiatives from Aotahi that aim to ensure we meaningfully contribute to the aspirations of our people and the advancement of tō tātou tino rangatiratanga.  The Masters in Māori and Indigenous Leadership is founded on the belief that the most significant contribution, at this time, to advancing our tino rangatiratanga is having people with courage, vision and culturally embedded leadership skills, who can imagine and realise  practical solutions that achieve intergenerational aspirations.

Graduates of the MMIL will gain:

  • The ability to analyse, critique, create and lead  Indigenous development, drawing upon comparative approaches, practical knowledge and soft skills to create pioneering models that uphold intergenerational aspirations and tikanga Māori;
  • Advanced leadership skills and attributes that enable graduates to lead and implement change initiatives within Māori contexts;
  • The breadth of knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a strategic leadership role;
  • Membership in a national cohort of Māori leaders, from across Iwi, Māori and government sectors; and
  • A network of international Indigenous relationships.

If you would like more information on the MMIL please contact Sacha McMeeking on 0276722426 or

We are excited to launch this programme in 2017 and look forward to welcoming our first cohort of students.
Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini

Ngā mihi matakuikui


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