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On the 28 March – 30th March 2016 Jasmine Thornton, Derek Huata, Carol Thornton and myself (Theresa Thornton) were invited to stay at Maungaharuru for three nights by Doc to help with the feeding of the Titi (cooks petrel) as part of Poutiri Ao O Tane project in which Ngāti Pāhauwera support.

Our job was to carry each Titi from their burrow to a shed, individually for their wings to be measured, and for the titi to be weighed and fed blended salmon and oils through a tube, all up we fed 106 birds as well as had an opportunity to feed the kaka beak birds a mix of nuts and fruit and milk.

It was awesome for us to be a part of this program and to help with titi once again returning to the maunga.

On Wednesday 13th of April 2016 again representing Ngāti Pāhauwera, Jasmine & I returned to Maungaharuru to greet the latest arrival of 46 Korure (Mottled Petrel) arriving from Codfish Island.
Along with Doc Crew and whānau from Ngāti Hineuru, Kaumatua Matiu Eru blessed the korure before they were placed in to their new artificial burrows.

They will be fed every 3 days until they are strong enough to take flight to the ocean hopefully to return in 4 years’ time to breed.

The latest arrival of Korure will boost numbers there as part of the Poutiri Ao O Tane project to repopulate the birds on Maungaharuru. This project will be on going, but, hopefully next year some titi might return and start breeding which would be the beginning of titi adults on Maungaharuru.

Nga mihi,
Theresa Thornton

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