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Proposed Māori Land Service

Creating a new Māori Land Service focused on what land owners need is essential. Upcoming wānanga will ensure their voice directly informs the proposed new services.

The Te Ture Whenua Māori Bill sets out what the proposed new Māori Land Service might deliver. The Bill is premised on six important principles. They are:

  • Māori land endures as a taonga tuku iho by virtue of whakapapa
  • Tikanga Māori is central to matters involving Māori land
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi is central to the application of laws affecting Māori land
  • Māori land owners have the right to decide how their land is used
  • Māori land owners have the right to take advantage of opportunities to develop their land for the benefit of present and future generations of owners, their whānau, and their hapū
  • Disputes involving Māori land should be managed in a manner that maintains and enhances relationships between the owners, and members of whānau and hapū.


With these principles in mind, the proposed Māori Land Service could help land owners choose the right governance structure for their needs and help land owners transition to that new entity.

The Māori Land Service could also register the decisions land owners make about governance and land utilisation, and maintain records of Māori land ownership and titles and registry information.

Wānanga are being organised to hear kōrero from Māori land owners about the proposed Māori Land Service and what an effective service might look like. To participate or find out more see below.

What to expect at the wānanga

These wānanga are one of several opportunities for present and future Māori land owners to contribute to shaping how the new Māori Land Service will meet your needs now and into the future.

Each of the wānanga will be an opportunity to detail how the service might work. Our approach will build on past work we have done together.

The wānanga will bring the voices of land owners together to create a deep understanding of the desired future state and how the service will be used by different Māori land owners.

Our wānanga team includes Te Puni Kōkiri and Māori Land Court regional staff.

Our tikanga for the wānanga

  1. Whatungarongaro te tangata toitu te whenua – when people are no longer, the land still remains. Māori land is at the centre of this service.
  2. By Māori for Māori – take a whenua and human-centred approach; designing with and for communities of people.
  3. We will be guided by tikanga.
  4. Centre the wānanga in Te Ao Māori.
  5. Respect diversity – hearing, understanding and connecting different voices and perspectives.

How will the outcomes of this workshop be used?

Your ideas and expressed needs will be used to shape how the Māori Land Services are built so that they deliver the experiences you need and want.

How will we keep you engaged in this process?

Many different voices will contribute to this work, and each wānanga will build on the one before. The key ideas from all wānanga will be shared back before the service is finalised.

How do I prepare for the wānanga?

We invite your contribution to building the Māori Land Service. To help us get the best out of our wānanga together think about:

  • What a great Māori Land Service might look and feel like for you, your whānau and your whenua
  • How could the Māori Land Service support your aspirations and those of future generations?


Additional Information:
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