Talk to us about your land – Developed or not

We are well into a program that will soon have the farms producing at their optimum.  One of the limitations of the farms, however, will be supplying enough feed during the winter period if we are to maintain high stocking levels.img_1337

This problem is common across all farming operations throughout New Zealand.  One way to address this is with supplemental feeding using baleage, lucerne, oats, maize, silage, etc.  That creates an opportunity!img_1358

We can and want to work with landowners that have land which could be utilised in this way for the benefit of both the landowner(s) and Ngāti Pāhauwera farms.

If you have land that you think could be utilised better and would like to have a chat about options please contact Luke Hansen on: (027) 558 2266 or email:



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