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Tēnā rā koutou,

For whanau interested in whats happening in the marine and coastal environmental issues. Te Ikaroa is a platform to share information with whānau, hapū, iwi and communities about the impacts of oil exploration in Te Ikaroa.

A petition is currently circulating in support of the 80 hapu and iwi who have demanded the immediate withdrawal of the seismic testing vessel, the Amazon Warrior, from the waters off the east coast of Aotearoa – the waters known as Te Ikaroa.

Seismic testing is proven to have damaging effects upon marine life, delicate marine ecosystems and fish populations – and is a completely unnecessary risk to take in these times of climate crisis. Shockingly, the depths to which Statoil and Chevron are proposing to eventually drill are thousands of meters deeper than any current well in Aotearoa, and Maritime New Zealand has no clean-up vessels that can operate at that proposed depth. There will be no safe way for these companies to extract oil or petroleum – and there is absolutely no safe way to burn any further fossil fuels that they may extract.

This past weekend, Te Ikaroa, we were able to communicate their dissent directly to the Amazon Warrior. Descendant of Te Ikaroa, and traditional ocean voyaging Captain Raihania Tipoki, made radio contact with the seismic survey vessel. In rough conditions, Raihania read out the petition that was endorsed by the hapu and iwi from the East Cape down to the tip of the South Island, and making it clear that they were present in these waters without the consent of the indigenous peoples of Ikaroa-Rāwhiti. Here is a video link to Raihania’s message to the Amazon Warrior.

Now the time has come to take this message all the way to the Norwegian Parliament (the majority shareholders of Statoil), and the oil companies themselves! Te Ikaroa are approaching 15,000 signatures but are aiming to reach 20,000 signatures before they send it away.

PLEASE help Te Iakaroa get there – if everyone reading this message is able to get just ONE friend to sign the online petition we will reach their goal of 20,000!
Here is a link to the online petition:

Here is a link to the Facebook page:

Together, you can make your dissent to the presence of Statoil and Chevron heard across the globe.

Finally, a message from Raihania –
“We ask that you stay in touch, stay informed, stay connected and stay on the kaupapa”

Ngā mihi nui ki a koe

Te Ikaroa – Defending Our Waters
Tere Harrison
Tina Ngata
Mereana Pitman
Raihania Tipoki

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