Trust Deed




Please see the following link for the signed Deed



Deed of Trust for Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust.



In addition to the Trust Deed that is signed, there were amendments made to Schedule One of the Deed and those were resolved at a Special General Meeting on the 27th September 2015 – those amendments can be seen as follows:

The following proposals were made to the Adult Members of Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust on the 27th September 2015 and approved at the Special General Meeting that day, the amendments that made to the Trust Deed are as follows – the majority of the current Trustees have initialled the amended Trust Deed, those were – Toro Waaka, Tania Hodges, Tureiti Moxon, Chaans Clarke, Rex Adsett and Richard Allen:

  1. To approve the deletion of existing clause 12.2 of the Trust Deed and for it to be amended with the following.

That the Trustees shall give not less than 30 days’ notice of the holding of the annual general meeting such notice to be placed on the Trusts web site and Facebook; emailed to the known electronic email address; by text to the known contact cell phone and or posted to the last known postal address shown for each Adult Member of the Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust on the Ngati Pahauwera Register. Notice of the annual general meeting shall also be inserted prominently in the two major provincial newspapers circulating in the region where the trustees consider that a significant number of members of Ngati Pahauwera reside being the Wairoa Star and HB Today. All such notices shall contain:

12.2.1 the date, time and place of the meeting;

12.2.2 an agenda of matters to be discussed, and resolutions to be put, at the meeting;


12.2.3 details of where copies of any information to be laid before the meeting may be inspected”

  1. To approve the amendment of existing clause 12.10 of the Trust Deed and for it to be amended with the replacement of the second sentence of that clause with the following:

“Voting may be by ballot on the day, by announcement of properly received and recorded postal, internet on-line and or text votes”

  1. To approve the amendment of existing rule 10(d), the addition of New Rule 10(e), and formatting existing rules to correspond with alphabetical numerical order as follows:

Replace existing rule 10(d) as follows: “Trustees to be censured or removed if they miss up to two (2) monthly meetings within the Trusts operating year”


Create an additional rule 10(e) as: “Trustees to be censured or removed where they act in a manner that brings into disrepute the Trust by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than 75% of the other trustees”.

And that the:

–          Existing rule 10(e) becomes 10(f)

–          Existing rule 10(f) becomes 10(g)

–          Existing rule 10(g) becomes 10(h); and

–          Existing rule 10(h) becomes 10(i)”


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