Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust




Purpose: 2016 is the year to excite and unite key Maori Stakeholders in Ahuriri

Vision: Working together builds partnership and community spirit

Mission: A united Ahuriri is culturally, socially, spiritually and economically strong

‘Whakawhanaungatanga Ahuriri 2016’

This year ‘Uniting Ahuriri 2016″ will be launched at the Matariki Festival which will be held this year at the Napier Sound Shell on Saturday 18th June 2016 beginning at 5pm and finishing at 9pm with a massive fireworks display.  Food stalls, information stalls, free bouncy castle, kapa haka, contemporary entertainment and dance.  Set up at the venue from 2pm.  This is an opportunity to show case, promote, participate in the entertainment or market your organisation at the largest Maori organised event in Napier in 2016.

If there are any interested Pāhauwera groups wanting to set up a stall and promote Pāhauweratanga, for more information please contact the Wairoa office on:
p.06 838 6869

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