Updating your membership with the Trust

We have a number of members for which we are requiring updated member details. There are a variety of reasons for requiring this information and pertains to, date of birth, address, phone, email address, if you have moved or married recently, if you have added to the whānau or if you have lost a loved one.
In some cases, if we do not have the correct details we cannot pānui out important information i.e. AGM details, Voting Packs and Manaaki Grants.

Pahauwera whanau to update details 2021

Have a look at the list and let your whānau members know if you see them on it and help to get the message out to them.

If your name is on the list, please fill in the top section of this form

New Registration Form 

(i.e. your date of birth and current contact details) and if we need anything else from you, we will be in touch.
This mahi is ongoing, we ask all registered members to update their details with us. This information would be very much appreciated.

Please email your updated form to: admin@npdt.co.nz or drop it into one of our offices.

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