Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust

Vote in this years General Election

To be eligible to vote in the election, you need to be enrolled by the Friday before Election Day.

The election is Saturday 23 September of this year. Don’t leave it to the last minute!  The Māori statistics around enrolment and voting are not good, especially for rangatahi and we want to help change that. You can make a difference. Check out @ffsvote on facebook for some William Waiirua style encouragement.

You must enrol if you:

are 18 years or older, and

are a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand, and

have lived in New Zealand for more than one year continuously at some time in your life.

If you are already enrolled – awesome, but make sure you vote! If you can’t make it on Election day – you can vote from Monday 11 September to Friday 22 September at any advance voting place

It’s the same as for the Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust – in order to vote for Trustees or be eligible for manaaki grants, you need to be registered. It also means we have your details for when opportunities come up and to keep you in the loop.

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