Whakatupato Firearms and other Licenses

Making a positive difference in Ngāti Pāhauwera lives.

Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust has had Peter Eden from the Ministry of Social Development working with us on employment and training initiatives. As well as assistance with job placement and recruitment initiatives, we have run Drivers License training for Rangatahi (with 100% passing!!), helping whanau with Truck Drivers licensing and held a Firearms safety course for approximately 30 whanau members on the 1st of July at Waipapa A Iwi.

The Firearms safety programme course is a prerequisite for obtaining a firearms license. The main barrier to rural Māori and isolated communities obtaining formal firearms training and testing was the cost and travel. It is the same for driver licensing, it could often require multiple trips to town for such services. Holding the course at Waipapa A Iwi was convenient for the community and it encouraged the participation of all whanau members, young and old.

For Firearms Licenses its all about safer and informed communities. Research undertaken in 2005 by Police indicated that only 25% of rural Māori in their area who used firearms received any formal firearms safety training.  The remainder relied on casual training from parents, uncles, aunts and friends. It was found that approximately 50% of rural Maori in the Northern Te Urewera area who possessed a firearm were at that time unlicensed.

Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust identified a high need for members to be aware of firearm safety and meet compliance around firearm safety. Hunting to provide kai is a large part of life in our communities,  as it provides kai as a supplement to meet needs of the whanau and community. The Trust would like to thank all attendees, the organisations that worked with us to provide the course, nga ringawera, and those who helped organise and keep the day running smoothly.

We may be able to help with your employment or training aspirations, every whanau member’s employment situation is different. Please contact Peter at the Napier office on 06 8343808 or email him at peter.eden@npdt.co.nz to discuss or send your CV through so that we can add it to our skills register, or work with you on future opportunities.

Click here to read the Mountain Safety Council Hunting Activity Guide: in English and in Te Reo

Click here to read the Wairoa star Article on the firearms day:   Whakatupato Firearms July 11

Cheyla Samuels and Jayden Samuels outside Waipapa A Iwi Marae on the Whakatupato course

The Whakatupato initiative delivered at Waipapa A Iwi Marae on July 1 involved Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust, Ministry of Social Development, the New Zealand Police and Mountain Safety Council. (pictured are course assessors)











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